One chicken can make a life-saving difference.

Chicks4Children is a sustainable campaign from Global Family Philanthropy to end hunger and poverty worldwide. Our Chicks4Children coop recipients commit to share the offspring and provide community outreach. The result is a plethora of eggs and chicken to raise, eat, share and sell.


Just one chicken can make a life-saving difference.

Join our Flock  
$100 per year
Global Family Philanthropy commits to share chicks, their offspring and feed on your behalf. You'll be invited to our fun "chick" gatherings and receive updates on our growth and progress.

Share a Hen  

A healthy hen can live up to 7 years and she'll lay eggs her entire life.

Share a Flock  Chicks  

Chicks begin to lay eggs at just 19 weeks of age.

Fill a Coop

Give a full coop of chickens that will naturally multiply to impact generations of families.

Build a Coop
Help a family in need build and fill a coop.  Chickens require very little money, space and food to thrive and grow.

Provide a Sustainable Program  

Empower a family.  Global Family Philanthropy builds a chicks4children coop, we fill it chicks, and share plenty of feed. Recipients learn how to raise and handle chickens, their offspring and eggs.  Family members commit to share their offspring and to train and educate the next recipient.  Families empowering families.

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